Lots of authors are on YouTube and other video sharing services.  Here I am, tossing my hat into the ring as well.  Instead of doing how-to’s or rants about politics (ok, maybe sometimes?), instead I’ll be telling you about what’s going on in me and my family’s lives, where we’re going to be at for public events when that opens up again, and lastly, to learn something new.

My first project I already got started on.  It’s the reading of Deadman’s Cay. I’m doing a chapter here and there as I learn about lighting, microphones, video editing and which flipping camera works better! Phew!  This is supposed to be fun right?

Well, it is! I shot a trailer at my desk in my little upstairs cubby.  I’ve changed equipment and mics out as well since, but we start somewhere.  Here is mine: