Tension grips the country as the nuclear talks with Iran start to go poorly. This is largely ignored by the populace, and the threat of war goes unheeded.

Blake has lived his life through hard work and his blog—Back Country J. He’s an off-grid homesteader, blogger, and author. He has the life that preppers dream of, and he never knows it. As an on-again-off-again handyman, he learns how to fix everything in his life except loneliness, until he meets Sandra.

Sandra is an army veteran who has caught his attention, and she’s also the preacher’s daughter. Sparks fly the first time they meet, and the shy hermit asks her out on a date.

Follow the couple as they try to survive raiders, hunger, and human nature when the balloon goes up after an EMP is set off.

Back Country J, Blake Jackson is back in the second episode of The World Burns Series

The Cayhills make the perfect addition to The Homestead, and there is a wedding to plan. The group starts to salvage what they can from the burned out world.

A new danger arises and one of the Homestead group is injured. Outnumbered and outgunned, they have to use and learn new skills to move silently through the world and avoid its many dangers.

To complete their self sufficiency, Blake and Sandra take a team to check out the area and acquire some livestock. Things aren’t always as easy at they seem on the surface.

Neal and Patty escape the inner city in Michigan to flee. An odd acquaintance gives Neal an inheritance that may just save his life. Can the computer specialist cope with the grid going down?

People must learn and adapt to survive in wreckage left behind when America’s grid goes down and lives become meaningless. Their only hope is to hold on to their humanity, safety and security.

A 17 year old in Alabama is forced into making a snap decision that he’ll have to live with for the rest of his life. He knows just enough to survive, but it tests his resourcefulness.

David looks deep within his soul and sets out to prove to the Jackson’s that he’s not the monster everyone thought he was, and wants to win their trust. He helps Sandra make a plan to get some retribution for the family and new friends losses and prevent a threat to the homestead from a rogue military unit.

Blake, ever the entertainer is feeling restless while healing. In this new post apocalyptic world, he can no longer blog, but he can use the radio. Can he convey his thoughts and ideas to help others without having pictures and diagrams on how to do things? He hopes to find out.

Supplies are running low for Michael, John and the Kids. It’s been some time now since the bombs fell, taking out the power grid in America. Do they risk leaving the safety of their secluding hiding spot in the middle of the Talladega National Forest or slowly starve?

Survivors are being rounded up and placed in FEMA camps by NATO forces. Supplies are running low for even the NATO troops holding the American’s prisoners and pressure is building within the nation. Something has to give.

The homestead has become a pillar of a new growing community. Through the broadcasts, the new supposed interim ‘Governor’, John Davis learns of them and visits the homestead so he and his troops can inspect and redistribute both materials and personnel. Since the homestead has started taking in survivors of the EMP and helping everyone they can, they’ve grown in both size and numbers of the community.

The interim Governor does not realize he’s bitten off more than he can chew with Back Country J, nor did he realize that every able bodied member of the community is now learning the skills needed for survival and self-reliance. When push comes to shove, does Blake and Sandra give in to the Governor’s demands if he is in fact legitimate? What are the consequences if they don’t?

In Alabama, Michael and King set off on foot for the next closest FEMA camp in Louisiana over John’s half-hearted objections. Michael is hell bent on finding Lukashenko and doing whatever it will take to free his mother. There’s a small problem though; Murphy of Murphy’s Law took a backseat on their adventures. Who will Murphy turn his wrath on?

This is the Sixth installment of The World Burns Series!

The government, long hidden inside of hidden military bunkers is now starting to come out of hiding to deal with threats, both foreign and domestic. The threat of misinformation and the remaining survivors general unease, force the President to come out of hiding and break his silence.

Weeks after Sandra’s near abduction, Blake and Sandra are arrested, to be tried for treason. There’s just one catch, somebody they thought had been removed from the playing field had in fact survived.

With the new information, the threat now coming overland from Mexico and into the Southern United States, the nation needs to pull together.

This is the last of the series that deals directly with Blake and Sandra at the Homestead. Subsequent books will be about the invasion, and how the nation as whole tries to pull itself back together.

A man stranded during leave in his hometown in Texas finds work with his best friend and roommate in an adjoining town. Neither of them know they will get sucked into a conflict nobody expected.

The New Caliphate is moving towards Texas in mass, just as warned. The country scrambles to put together a response with what little personnel left on hand.

King and Michael’s companions and family make it to the Homestead where Sandra and King hint at a surprising history. Blake can’t help but feel a little left out.

In this dystopian, post apocalyptic America, the survivors struggle to not only survive, but to fight back. With elements of the Government coming out of hiding, can the republic survive the invasion?

After the destruction of Laughlin Air Force Base, John Norton leads a group of American Patriots against the forces of the New Caliphate. Unable to stop their relentless march alone, they harass the troops as more of the military check in and the militia do all they can to prevent genocide. They help other’s whenever possible, but the darker side of humanity is starting to rear it’s vileness again.

At the Homestead, Sandra continues to help train new militia members as the civilian and military forces start coordinating a defense. Blake has kept busy, working with FEMA and Governors helping them kickstart relief efforts in a more humane manner and fix the upcoming problems of winter. The new Governor throws a monkey wrench at Blake and has to reminded him that he’s almost finished with his sentence handed down by the President.

Michael and King are still travelling together. Working as sappers and guerilla fighters, they slow the advance of the invasion. Both men are the forward eyes and ears of Sandra’s operation, so it comes as no surprise when they find the shocking truth about who’s been working with the New Caliphate in the United States.

The New Caliphate has marched north towards the heart of the country, almost unstoppable. Michael and King attempt to get the proof needed to prove involvement by US government forces and force the president to permanently bench the DHS.

The Caliphate has a devious plan, though – a way to neutralize the President’s launch codes and take out the central government’s nuclear capabilities. The secret lies within the bunker that the odd couple of King and Michael have had under observation.

A plan is cooked up to infiltrate the DHS base, get the proof needed and cripple if not eliminate the threat from within entirely. The timing is tight, and if they don’t move fast enough, the Caliphate will get the codes.

Sandra’s contact, A Col. Grady is working to stop a global nuclear conflict before it’s too late. His last act before his arrest is to ensure the homestead can defend itself.

But defend itself from who? Are darker forces at work? Is the war on the USA from within or without? Find out in the 10th episode of The World Burns, The World Counters!

Friday, December 18th, 2015 was the Breaking Point.

We hear with increasing frequency, reports of mass shootings or terrorist activities on American soil. Don’t you get tired of the media sensationalizing everything? Do you hate how the police have their hands tied on how they can react, by politicians who are more worried about political correctness, and getting re-elected? Don’t you fantasize about just giving the bad guys what they have coming to them? That’s what this story is about. It’s guaranteed to offend the crap out of some people! It’s not illegal to fantasize in this country… Yet.

-Rated R by us, for language and violence-

An angry mob of protesters descend on the gun shop.

Detective James Miller begins to question his own role with law enforcement.

The Silent Majority begin to find a voice.

Can the country survive the plague of political correctness that’s tearing it apart?

-Rated R by us, for language and violence-

The well-known national news anchor Jermane Williams, on prime-time TV, asks the question;
“Will slavery return to America?”

Nationwide protests are staged at all mosques and Islamic centers by Black Lives Matter, demanding the answer to one question: “Do you support the implementation of Sharia law in the United States?”

Violence erupts. Rioting and looting run rampant in the District of Columbia. The police have their hands tied by a mayor who provides room for her people to “express their anger.” Businesses are ruined. Innocent residents are terrified…

…and then 13 figures in jeans and dark shirts appear, wearing masks of past presidents–

After the riots in DC, Jermane Williams finds himself in an uncomfortable position. Does he report the real news, unbiased and raw, or to toe the ‘party line’ like his superiors want him to?

People begin coming out of the ashes of a demolished and looted DC to see if recovery is possible.
A new contender for the White House is turning heads with his bombastic vernacular and willingness to throw political correctness out the window, sending liberals and progressives into fits. It seems they will stop at nothing to prevent his path to the highest office of the land.

Following the President’s mandate, Miller and Clay attempt to track down Mike Thor who’s gone into hiding, while investigating the connections between the terrorists and the vigilante movement called Anonymous Justice. With Mike not wanting to be found, can he stay in the shadows as southern Michigan falls apart after the bombing that killed police?

The President of the United States has decreed both Anonymous Justice and Black Lives Matter as domestic terror organizations. He’s ordered all of their social media to be cut, to prevent members from communicating with each other. The problem is, AJ has just discovered a terrorist plot that makes everything prior look like child’s play. They have to get the word out. Can they make it in time?

This episode is promised to piss you off!

Jarek Grayson is a different sort of private investigator. One with a touch of OCD, anxiety, and autism. Jarek isn’t your normal hacker; he’s also a millionaire, playboy, and PI.

Teamed with his childhood friend, protector, and first love Johanna, they make an unbeatable team…mostly. When they aren’t fighting. Or arguing…or snarking.

When the mayor’s daughter is kidnapped, the police and FBI aren’t moving fast enough, and Jarek and his firm are hired. The team of Jarek, Jo, and Skye scramble to uncover the clues before something happens to Mayor Taylor’s daughter, taking legal and not-so-legal means to unwrap the clues behind the kidnapping before it’s too late.

Jarek Grayson is a different sort of private investigator. One with a touch of OCD, anxiety, and autism. Jarek isn’t your normal hacker; he’s also a millionaire, playboy, and PI.

Business has been booming, and when Skye comes to Jarek for a favor, little does he know what the repercussions of that favor will cost. His IT person and co-hacker had former ties to the hacktivist group known as Anonymous. A ghost from the past pops up making demands of her, and Jarek. To give into the blackmail would be almost as disastrous as having his past exposed to the public.

Jo, Jarek & Skye race to track down the mysterious hacker only known as Mephisto; Johanna and Jarek try to avoid the mutual attraction they both feel and have felt since they were in elementary school together… and of course, there’s the snark.

This is the second Grayson book and look for more in the future!

Welcome to the Wastelands!

Remember the movie where Arnold played a cyborg? I’m like that, only I’m mostly human.

Stick to the facts, Tony. By the way, Arnie is way more buff than you are.

Who’s that? That’s Alice, the AI implanted in my brain. In a stroke of genius not witnessed since… well, ever… I chose my ex’s personality profile for the AI to emulate. And the cybernetic enhancements don’t stop there. I’m what they call an augment. Nanites have been infused throughout my body, giving me physical capabilities far exceeding those of the average man.

But not the average stalker, as you discovered last week.

A little context first, shall we? The world ended – oops – and the fate of humanity depends on my traversing the wastelands for parts to keep us alive. To fix this, all that stands in my way are gladiator fights, gigantic bugs, a cabal of bad guys, and the aforementioned stalkers.

Think 8′ tall gremlins with razor-sharp talons and teeth – make great souvenirs, by the way, just don’t let them love on you. Like, at all. Their love? It hurts.

I also have to survive a guy named Magnus, whose elite army of baddies is coming for my head (literally) and being outnumbered a gazillion to one. If that isn’t enough, the Data ARC I protect shut down. It holds humanities hopes of digging out of the stone age, and the overlords who keep knowledge suppressed to better control their serfs. Gotta fix it. Fast!

So if a Dystopian Action Sci-Fi that reads like the love child of the Mad Max movies and video games such as Rage, Fallout, and Borderlands with Deadpool-esque humor appeals to you, then welcome to the apocalypse’s after-party! We have guns, power armor and wild and crazy dashes through the desert on tricked out dune buggies!

Dick, AKA Devil Dog’s world changes drastically when the EMP takes out the power grid. The loss of electricity brings out the darker side of human nature across the city. A homeless Marine veteran living in the abandoned tunnels beneath Chicago, he’s far better prepared than most people. Good folk have survived, but they are often outnumbered and outgunned. Only the tunnels provide the safety he needs.

Devil Dog becomes the reluctant savior of women and children from the worst of the gangs that now rule topside. Doing the right thing makes him new enemies, driving him ever deeper into the tunnels that keep his charges safe – until he runs across a young woman who might be his daughter.

Nonstop Action, Gritty, Prepper Type ‘O Stuff.

With the horrors of Chicago put down hard, Dick AKA Devil Dog, Jamie, Mel, Luis and Courtney head west, where they are hoping to re-unite with family. There’s only a few problems along the way… Only a few.

Rabid Cannibals, hunted by psychotic raiders and a town that’s forcing a “Tithe” on travelers and a government gone wild… all before the main event…

If you like a good old fashioned “Good Guys Vs. Bad Guys” fast action, and a post apocalyptic thriller, you’re going to love the Devil Dog Saga. Book 2 is over 65000 words and is a nonstop roller coaster ride of action, adventure and unintended consequences.

Live like the dead, or sleep like the dead? Dick makes his choice…

Dick is finally clean–mind and body–from his poisonous addiction, only to be sent reeling again upon awakening and discovering Steve and Jamie have startling secrets of their own. It will take every ounce of focus and resolve to shake off his new reality and make a trek to Arkansas to reunite with his wife and daughter, especially with the other challenges he faces along the way. He thought he was ready to face the world anew, until he realized the world was out to get him first.

Devil Dog III is the ending to the action-packed prepper thriller trilogy, filled with real-life gut-wrenching decisions, and a twist so sharp it may snap your neck.

Proceed with caution.

Brian Cartwright just wants to work and run his farm in peace. The police keep showing up as the HOA from the new neighborhood keeps filing nuisance complaints against him and his farm. What makes matters worse, his former boss George and his son built a big house overlooking the farm. His prepping lifestyle and following the news online is his only other hobby other than church activities.

George’s son is the teenager responsible for causing the accident that killed Brian’s wife. Every interaction with the power hungry father drives him insane. To make matters worse, George’s son has been trespassing and gets injured on Brian’s property causing him to build bigger and taller fences.

The neighbors that once shunned Brian Cartwright now need him like never before. America has been attacked with an EMP and they find themselves requiring the help of the widowed farmer the same time he realizes he needs them as well.

When things get dicey, can they mend the wall, or do good fences make good neighbors?

From the author of The World Burns Series

83,000 words, full length, stand alone novel.

A raw and gritty standalone novel in The World Burns Saga. Can be read on it’s own or as a companion after The World Burns 5: The World Bleeds!

Life after an EMP puts the USA in the dark ages is not an easy one. Life is dangerous and difficult enough without humans preying on each other. Don, an alcoholic and a gamer girl called ‘Z’ make an odd introduction together and find themselves thrust into a survival situation neither of them are prepared to endure.

A ghost from Don’s past surfaces, one who’s responsible for his pain and suffering. Can both Don and Z endure in a world that has gone crazy, when all they want to do is keep on living?

Tom’s a prepper, and with his three friends, they embark on a fly-in fishing trip to Northern Canada to have a long, relaxing vacation. Things turn deadly when an EMP leaves them stranded and alone a thousand miles away from civilization. Winter is coming, and they only brought enough supplies for two weeks.

In a hostile land, there’s no room for mistakes or illness. One wrong step can prove to be as deadly as the wildlife that has no fear of humans, and that views them as more than a potential food source. Escape by boat or over land would be near impossible.

So much to do, so ill-equipped, and so little time. Follow the four friends in their journey of survival. Survival isn’t just an option—It’s life or death.

Jim thought he had everything a man could ever want. A job, an apartment and a girlfriend, Janie, who he was working on getting back. But then, tragedy struck.

After her funeral, Jim travels to northern Michigan to decompress and deal with his feelings in a rustic log cabin owned by his deceased girlfriend’s family.

Not only is the cabin off the grid, it is a place of peace and solitude; that is, until the Ebola virus is unleashed upon the USA. In a panic, the CDC and the FDA release a vaccine that’s only just started testing…

Now the infected roam the world, and even in northern Michigan, Jim isn’t safe. He eagerly awaits Janie’s family to join him; preppers who may be the key to his survival – and the only family he has left.

In a world of the infected, can he carve out a slice of safety and sanity?