Wes, finding himself between a rock and a hard place, had to make an impossible decision, one he’s not sure he can forgive himself for. In his journey to always make the right choices, he risks his morals and the safety of those around him. Knowing exactly how he got there and unable to change his decisions, he struggles to keep going day by day.

Lance and Henry weren’t working alone, and as more of the opposition group’s actions are showing them to be as evil and twisted as they first seemed. If that wasn’t enough, Wes is betrayed by a friend.

Not one for letting others remain enslaved, Wes’s group decides to go on the offensive. With time running out, and dark forces moving on his family, he has to become more than a simple moonshiner and occasional poacher. He has to survive what’s to be some of his darkest days and keep his humanity.

With Raider being the only sane one left, he must guide his human like he’s never had to before.