Jim thought he had everything a man could ever want. A job, an apartment and a girlfriend, Janie, who he was working on getting back. But then, tragedy struck. After her funeral, Jim travels to northern Michigan to decompress and deal with his feelings in a rustic log cabin owned by his deceased girlfriend’s family. Not only is the cabin off the grid, it is a place of peace and solitude; that is, until the Ebola virus is unleashed upon the USA. In a panic, the CDC and the FDA release a vaccine that’s only just started testing… Now the infected roam the world, and even in northern Michigan, Jim isn’t safe. He eagerly awaits Janie’s family to join him; preppers who may be the key to his survival – and the only family he has left. In a world of the infected, can he carve out a slice of safety and sanity?

“Great plot & numerous twists. I’m an avid reader and love the subject matter–finished in a matter of hours and ready for another of your books, Boyd!”