Jarek Grayson is a different sort of private investigator. One with a touch of OCD, anxiety, and autism. Jarek isn’t your normal hacker; he’s also a millionaire, playboy, and PI.

Business has been booming, and when Skye comes to Jarek for a favor, little does he know what the repercussions of that favor will cost. His IT person and co-hacker had former ties to the hacktivist group known as Anonymous. A ghost from the past pops up making demands of her, and Jarek. To give into the blackmail would be almost as disastrous as having his past exposed to the public.

Jo, Jarek & Skye race to track down the mysterious hacker only known as Mephisto; Johanna and Jarek try to avoid the mutual attraction they both feel and have felt since they were in elementary school together… and of course, there’s the snark.

This is the second Grayson book and look for more in the future!