Tom’s a prepper, and with his three friends, they embark on a fly-in fishing trip to northern Canada to have a long, relaxing vacation. Things turn deadly when an EMP leaves them stranded and alone 1,000 miles away from civilization. Winter is coming, and they only brought enough supplies for two weeks.

In a hostile land, there’s no room for mistakes or illness. One wrong step can prove to be as deadly as the wildlife that has no fear of humans, and that views them as more than a potential food source. Escape by boat or over land would be near impossible.

So much to do, so ill-equipped, and so little time. Follow the four friends in their journey of survival. Survival isn’t just an option – It’s life or death.

“A most enjoyable book with excellent characters and realistic plot. The author has brought to the reader a very interesting story and realistic characters. The intertwining of characters and the plot of the story make for very interesting plot twists and a very humanistic story.”