After the riots in DC, Jermane Williams finds himself in an uncomfortable position. Does he report the real news, unbiased and raw, or to toe the ‘party line’ like his superiors want him to?

People begin coming out of the ashes of a demolished and looted DC to see if recovery is possible.
A new contender for the White House is turning heads with his bombastic vernacular and willingness to throw political correctness out the window, sending liberals and progressives into fits. It seems they will stop at nothing to prevent his path to the highest office of the land.

Following the President’s mandate, Miller and Clay attempt to track down Mike Thor who’s gone into hiding, while investigating the connections between the terrorists and the vigilante movement called Anonymous Justice. With Mike not wanting to be found, can he stay in the shadows as southern Michigan falls apart after the bombing that killed police?

The President of the United States has decreed both Anonymous Justice and Black Lives Matter as domestic terror organizations. He’s ordered all of their social media to be cut, to prevent members from communicating with each other. The problem is, AJ has just discovered a terrorist plot that makes everything prior look like child’s play. They have to get the word out. Can they make it in time?