Life has never been simple for Anthony Delgado. Finding himself alone, homeless and out of options, he thumbs a ride to the west coast of Florida. Formerly a diesel mechanic, Anthony hopes to find work and a way to claw out of the downward spiral that his life had been.

With nowhere to go, no work and no contacts, Tony befriends a strange man named Irish John who boasts of having his own island, Deadman’s Cay. It’s there where he learns to live life again, on his own terms. Working as a boat mechanic and learning the commercial fishing business, he realizes he’s grown to love the simple things in life. A boat to call his own, fishing, nights watching the sunset over the ocean, and newfound love.

Not everything is as idyllic as it seems. The Cartel is active in human trafficking, drugs and smuggling. A single dust-up with them was more than enough to scare him away, until his world is shattered in an act of violence.

Now he has a choice to make. Walk away, or do something about it. Anthony, or Tony to his friends, isn’t the type to walk away. With friends, both old and new, he sets out to stop the cycle of kidnapping and violence that had been plaguing the coast. There’s more at stake than his own life. Can their small group really make a difference?