After the destruction of Laughlin Air Force Base, John Norton leads a group of American Patriots against the forces of the New Caliphate. Unable to stop their relentless march alone, they harass the troops as more of the military check in and the militia do all they can to prevent genocide. They help other’s whenever possible, but the darker side of humanity is starting to rear it’s vileness again.

At the Homestead, Sandra continues to help train new militia members as the civilian and military forces start coordinating a defense. Blake has kept busy, working with FEMA and Governors helping them kickstart relief efforts in a more humane manner and fix the upcoming problems of winter. The new Governor throws a monkey wrench at Blake and has to reminded him that he’s almost finished with his sentence handed down by the President.

Michael and King are still traveling together. Working as sappers and guerrilla fighters, they slow the advance of the invasion. Both men are the forward eyes and ears of Sandra’s operation, so it comes as no surprise when they find the shocking truth about who’s been working with the New Caliphate in the United States.