Yesterday and officially today I launched Texas Fall 2 –


It wasn’t supposed to get this bad, this quickly—

While trying to recover from his wounds, Ethan sets out to help Emma and King get the ranch ready to the best of their abilities. Digging more into the stockpiles of supplies, Emma bootstraps a system to help their shorthanded operation, and give them a technological advantage in a country mostly in the dark.

Vincent, a connected Dallas gangster, sends some men to recover his cash, finished drugs, raw materials, and the men who were supposed to be cooking the meth outside the little town of Rice, Texas. They were running late, extremely late. With the cartel breathing down his neck, he has to send an even larger group to complete the task.

Two escapees from Huntsville, one an officer and the other an inmate, make their way north to Lemuel’s old childhood home. Along the way, they rescue a young lady who has undergone a terrible ordeal. Unable to communicate the danger they are in, the young lady can only urge them to hurry.

Deciding to work cooperatively, the hippies and ranchers throw in to help out the entire small community of about thirty plus people. The Garcia’s have the most flat tillable land, the commune has the manpower, and the ranchers have the beef and experience to keep that going. They must all stand together or risk losing everything…

The action is unbelievable when all these forces come face-to-face… Grab your copy now!