The keeping my blog up to date that is.  It’s been a long while since I’ve written anything here, or made sure all of my books are on the website somewhere! This is going to get better, especially now that I have all the updates and upgrades I need.

Now to just learn this format a little bit better 😉 I know, a writer who’s horrible at blogging and writing.  Hard to believe huh?

Mostly wanted to poke my head in here today and update things as I’ve released my fourth book of 2024.  I’m back, and I’ve got my writing mojo back as well.  I’ve released four books in 2023, but I’ve actually written six books. I’ve got two books that I’m debating on putting in as a pen name, but maybe not. It’s a portal/litrpg style storyline with progressions, levels, pretty ladies for my main character to woo (yes, I said woo), and bad guys to fight. So far, two of those books are done.

One more of those off-genre books in my pocket will get me at least three, then I’ll do the whole edits, covers and launch them. Still undecided if they’re going to be ‘Boyd’ books or I use a super secret identity that I’ll probably share with you all later on anyways.

WDYT? Pen name it? Leave it up as my name? Decisions, decisions…