A while back… around June 3rd of 2019, I was asked by readers to make or have made some sort of shirt, so they could share in their love/hate for cliffhangers in my stories.  

It wasn’t unusual to hear, see, get emailed about, tweeted or messaged #dammitboyd.  So it became a thing, one I’m happily embracing.  Then last week, I get this phone call from my mom that has us both cracking up.  In the wild, not part of my merch, somebody had made a #dammitboyd vinyl sticker for their windshield.  1244 miles away from where I live now.

When I shared that, all kinds of folks piped up that they’d love to have their own decals for their cars.  That being something beyond what I can do, I contacted a friend who could.  I was expecting decals to test out but I got a whole lot more!!! 

I snapped some fast pictures from my little home office area.  I’m way beyond chuffed!  I don’t have any details hammered out yet nor pricing, but for those who wished I had more merch/swag available, that’s about to happen.  Leave me a comment and let me know what you’d be interested in!