Florida was amazing.  Took the family to Universal Studios and Disney and got home this past week. I’ve been slowly digging out everything and getting caught up.  Until one evening my wife looked over and told me she found something I might think is cool.

A writing retreat! And not just any writing retreat, but one that’s being led by one of Hemingway’s relatives.  Not only is it in an awesome hotel, it’s in the beautiful part of the northern area of the lower peninsula of Michigan. Walloon Lake.

My goals there are to absolutely hit some hard wordcount numbers, take some of the tours the Hemingway Society has going on, soak up any knowledge, tips and tricks… ask lots of questions, and see how everyone copes with burnout/writer’s block. I’m hoping the trip will be enough all on it’s own will help me knock the last of the walls down. We will see!

Here’s the link I found after my wife sent me the mlive article! https://www.facebook.com/HotelWalloon/posts/4671065692931000

Thanks for reading!