People Started Getting Sick

When the pandemic hit, nobody was expecting it to be as bad as it was. The economy barely survived the lockdowns, but it staggered along until civil unrest shattered people’s hope of better times to come. With it being an election year, more and more Americans were waking up to the idea that they truly were behind the curve. The hope was; if they did not get sick, run out of money, or they could avoid violent mobs, they would be fine. The collapse happened so gradually; nobody saw it coming but the very few.

Life-long friends

Three doctors, a realtor, a contractor, and a pro shooter/model, make up the couples who had been lifelong friends and pooled their money to prepare for hard times. They soon find out money cannot buy you everything, even safety and security.

A jealous rancher wants to buy their land and does not want to take “no” for an answer. More than once, Lyle and his family are found on the wrong side of the fence. With human remains found on the new property, the mystery deepens, as the world around them slowly descends into chaos.

“The Farm gets right off to a roaring start, ripping info straight from the headlines of the pandemic and public unrest. It keeps rolling along until the last page and leaves you looking for the next book.”