Securing Their Sanctuary

The Sheriff’s Department is forced to hand the investigation of the bones to the state police. The case has become too big for the department to investigate alone. The group complies and tries their best to mend fences within the law enforcement community and the neighbors. Surprisingly, their generosity is much appreciated.

A man with a heart set on revenge

As the virus ravaged US businesses, the effects could be felt all the way down to the supermarket. The USDA and FDA started imposing purchasing limits on essentials, especially food. They have volunteered to buy any excesses that do not get sold while they attempt to stop people from ‘hoarding’ food and necessities so they can be redistributed to those in greater need.

A President who had enough

With the POTUS’s proclamation that Antifa and those who would loot and burn down the country be arrested, the violence only intensified. Agent Sullivan and Jake Kendricks both have their shots at the Langtry farm, who just will not comply. Will their efforts work, or will they be behind the curve?

“Even better than the first book. I can hardly wait for the next one. Now I understand why this is considered horror fiction. But is it? Or is this happening right now? To Mr. Craven III, this series, in my opinion, is your best.”