Westly and Raider are coming to grips with the new world and the tremendous changes since the solar storm caused the nationwide power failures. The problems in the Flagg household seem to focus on a coming confrontation between good people, and those at the Crater of Diamonds.

Wes, in the process of warning others of the danger, he realized sometimes in a world gone mad, doing the right thing for the right reasons is not good enough. Sometimes, he has to do the wrong things for the right reasons to fix what’s gone wrong.

As Wes and his girlfriend, Jessica finally have their first date, Wes learns that not all of his friends are friendly. There are hidden agendas and ruthless power plays that make it difficult to tell friend from foe. Finding himself in a bind he can’t get out of, Wes needs to ensure he has the will to still survive with the consequences of his decisions, or risk losing his humanity.

I’m a big fan of Craven and he didn’t disappoint with this one. Some PA books run on a similar theme and plot. Not this one. It has several twists on the genre that I truly enjoyed. A protagonist that isn’t your typical good guy, having skirted the law growing up, and a light’s out situation that didn’t result in every single electronic component failing, all wrapped up in whopping good tale.”