The homestead has become a pillar of a new growing community. Through the broadcasts, the new supposed interim ‘Governor’, John Davis learns of them and visits the homestead so he and his troops can inspect and redistribute both materials and personnel. Since the homestead has started taking in survivors of the EMP and helping everyone they can, they’ve grown in both size and numbers of the community.

The interim Governor does not realize he’s bitten off more than he can chew with Back Country J, nor did he realize that every able bodied member of the community is now learning the skills needed for survival and self-reliance. When push comes to shove, does Blake and Sandra give in to the Governor’s demands if he is in fact legitimate? What are the consequences if they don’t?

In Alabama, Michael and King set off on foot for the next closest FEMA camp in Louisiana over John’s half-hearted objections. Michael is hell bent on finding Lukashenko and doing whatever it will take to free his mother. There’s a small problem though; Murphy of Murphy’s Law took a backseat on their adventures. Who will Murphy turn his wrath on?

“I love this series so much. There is plenty of action, heroes and villains, and even some romance. The characters have diverse personalities, making you want to get to know them better. Although this volume did not end in a cliff hanger, you still have plenty of questions left unanswered.”