My name is Thomas Wright. I’ve been in more near-death experiences than Houdini or Evel Knievel. Rose has kept me on task and bugs me about my love life constantly. I think she truly enjoys needling me about… well… everything. My pack has grown and working together, we were able to put the smack down on some pretty epic beings with some expert help and a bit of luck.

It still isn’t enough. I have to throw in with the Council of Mages to go after Vassago and save Vivian’s life. When I find myself head of the Taskforce searching for Vassago, it becomes clear that there’s more than one mole in the Council of Mages. Somebody is out for my head, and I have to survive backstabbers, demonic beings, and the occasional zombie outbreak before I can start finding the truth and track down Vassago.

I’m just one more betrayal away from going crazy.