The New Caliphate has marched north towards the heart of the country, almost unstoppable. Michael and King attempt to get the proof needed to prove involvement by US government forces and force the president to permanently bench the DHS.

The Caliphate has a devious plan, though – a way to neutralize the President’s launch codes and take out the central government’s nuclear capabilities. The secret lies within the bunker that the odd couple of King and Michael have had under observation.

A plan is cooked up to infiltrate the DHS base, get the proof needed and cripple if not eliminate the threat from within entirely. The timing is tight, and if they don’t move fast enough, the Caliphate will get the codes.

Sandra’s contact, A Col. Grady is working to stop a global nuclear conflict before it’s too late. His last act before his arrest is to ensure the homestead can defend itself.

But defend itself from who? Are darker forces at work? Is the war on the USA from within or without? Find out in the 10th episode of The World Burns, The World Counters!