Heritage Life Skills

On April 26th, the Craven clan packs up our shenanigans to head to North Carolina.  There, we’ll engage in the type of hijinks not seen since the trip to Florida in 2016, which has been scrubbed from all public record at great expense.  Ok, I kid.  We’re going to have a good time and if you’ve never heard of Heritage Life Skills, you should take a peek at what’s going on there. It’s put on by Carolina Readiness Supply and has a ton of classes and vendors.

I’ll be there with the Dirty Dozen Post Apoc Authors, as well as others in the genre.  I think the authors are also planned to speak Saturday night starting at 7 pm if you miss us at our booth.  Hope to see you all there!

Late spring weather & a reminder.

Random musings from a Michigan boy-

It’s mid-April now.  So why the heck did we just get two days of freezing rain and then snow? To top things off, it’s tax day.  Ugggg, I can hear the collective groans and moans around the country as people write checks to Uncle Sam.

That’s not what my rant is about (though global warming I could rant on forever), actually, it isn’t a rant, but an observation.  Few of us who take a trip into town in our vehicles wear heavy enough clothing. We dress very differently when we know the heater is going to be on full blast and heavy clothing would make us sweat.  A quick run into the post office in a sweater and hoodie is nothing on thirty degree days.

What if you broke down? Do you keep an extra winter jacket in the car? Hats? Gloves? What about your kids? Snow pants or snowmobile suits? Extra socks, boots? What happened if you had to walk home over the course of a couple miles in the clothing you wore out this morning? I’m willing to bet that most people would be darn uncomfortable at best or put themselves at risk at worst.