My oldest son still at home has been doing school remotely since last year when our state went into lock down.  For this year, we decided to continue remote learning.  It was a personal choice and honestly, a lot of it had to do with flexibility.  If we decided to pull up roots and visit family out of state for a week or two, we could and no longer had to worry about school.

The other thing, is that no matter what my wife and I tried, our middle boy is a second shifter naturally. Since he was born, he’s always preferred that sleep schedule and it often makes regular school difficult.  Nothing worked to help him get to sleep on time.  Well, now with remote learning he can literally make his own schedule and he’s getting all A’s and B’s.  Yes, I’m bragging on my kiddo!

But last night, #snowmageddon hit and we got 4-6″ of snow… (yeah, it was pretty weak as far as apocalypses go), and we get a call at 6am that the schools are closed, including remote learning.  So everybody got to sleep in.  Even the Little Editor!!! He’s not in organized school by any means, but we’ve got him pre-k and kindergarten workbooks and my wife is teaching him how to read and write… But today is a snow day.

We ended up venturing out, and once we got onto the main roads, the roads were clear.  We stopped in at R&B used books and picked up a king cake that had been delivered.  Oh boy, is that delish!!! (Thank you Isabel!).  Well, the Little Editor had been counting fast food joints that were open while we drove.  He decided he wanted french fries and chicken nuggets… since we almost never ever eat fast food, he was especially insistent… so we stopped in.

What a mistake.  The little turd sucked down half his pop, ate all the fries and nuggets and is now bouncing off the walls.  Did I mention my kids never really get hard sugar?  They love it, but man oh man…  I was going to write the end of a prison break scene this afternoon, but here I am reflecting on how much I love my life, family and friends.

…And how much the Little Editor is reminding me of Cornholio, who just made his coffee with redbull instead of water.  I think instead I’m going to have a snow day myself. Enjoy life everybody.  May you be as happy as a five year old who just chugged down half a pop!