COVID-19 has disrupted the lives of the human race worldwide. I don’t want to get into the politics of it, but it has shown me how thin the veneer of humanity actually is. As a Post Apoc writer, I know the law of threes. There’s probably one more we should add to that… Three days. That’s how long it takes for the supply chain to be disrupted by panic buying, for store shelves to run out, and not be restocked. Actually, stores were mostly bare within the first day, but the next truck should have been there in three days…

It was, but there was less on it. Toilet paper ran out. Americans were told not to buy n95 or surgical masks because it wouldn’t help. Now we found out that was a convenient lie, because the hospitals, suppliers, distributors, manufacturers and even the government didn’t have enough in the pipeline to keep first responders in action. We literally went one month to them saying “n95 masks won’t be effective to stopping COVID-19,” to a mere couple of months later “A bandanna is better than nothing! You MUST wear a mask.”

Is this the new normal? Are we as a people so used to the lies that are told to keep us calm that we don’t even care anymore?

Ok, that’s enough with my ranting. A lot of events have been cancelled this year because of the virus, and I’m praying the fall events aren’t cancelled. With the fear of infection being part of the “new normal” (even repeating that a few times now makes me want to gag), nothing will be the same. I’ll more than likely to do the St. Pete’s Beach trip to Florida regardless, as well as the Vegas trip.

Now to the good news. I have finally (It’s taken me forever) finished Deadman’s Cay. My brain is fried by the self edits, but now that’s going in the hopper. Next stories to get written are one’s I’ve started at various times. One is a prepping story meets Up In Smoke type of humor. The other one details the lives of a few families as the state and government locks down, and what a power hungry tyrannical governor tries to do.

Of course, this mirrors real life, so I have to be more than a little careful, lest the vice presidential want-to-be isn’t so directly written about. She’s just the inspiration for a fictional villainous charector, who only partially looks and sounds like her.

Hope you all have had a good 2020 so far.