I’ve traveled to North Carolina with my family and PrepperCon in Utah solo since you last heard from me. I didn’t get as much done as I’d have liked, but now that I’m home… I hope you’re ready! I’ve finished the third Opus book, which was needed before writing the second book in the Still Surviving series. If you’ve read Opus Two, I hint about some things and in book three it all becomes clear.  I’m writing that sequel now!

I’ve also started co-writing with my father again on some projects and have some things brewing in the background. One of them is a book we’ve done together called ‘Hunter’s Homestead’ in the Feeding The World series. Book one is done and book two is in process.  Also – Going to be rebooting Anonymous Justice and picking back up with book 5 between projects.

Also – If you remember I took some time off from writing the usual Boyd books in the spring of ’17… well, that was actually time off to write a book for Permuted Press. ‘Outside The Fire’ publishes June 26th.  To top all of that off, my middle son just had a birthday, my older son graduated and we’ve planned and executed 1 of 2 parties in three weeks.

Will Boyd ever get time to re-pack War Wagon and drive North? I think so, and I plan on getting a LOT of words in.  To keep up with everything, sign up for my mailing list.  http://eepurl.com/bghQb1