June will be a busy month!

I’ve traveled to North Carolina with my family and PrepperCon in Utah solo since you last heard from me. I didn’t get as much done as I’d have liked, but now that I’m home… I hope you’re ready! I’ve finished the third Opus book, which was needed before writing the second book in the Still Surviving series. If you’ve read Opus Two, I hint about some things and in book three it all becomes clear.  I’m writing that sequel now!

I’ve also started co-writing with my father again on some projects and have some things brewing in the background. One of them is a book we’ve done together called ‘Hunter’s Homestead’ in the Feeding The World series. Book one is done and book two is in process.  Also – Going to be rebooting Anonymous Justice and picking back up with book 5 between projects.

Also – If you remember I took some time off from writing the usual Boyd books in the spring of ’17… well, that was actually time off to write a book for Permuted Press. ‘Outside The Fire’ publishes June 26th.  To top all of that off, my middle son just had a birthday, my older son graduated and we’ve planned and executed 1 of 2 parties in three weeks.

Will Boyd ever get time to re-pack War Wagon and drive North? I think so, and I plan on getting a LOT of words in.  To keep up with everything, sign up for my mailing list.  http://eepurl.com/bghQb1

Heritage Life Skills

On April 26th, the Craven clan packs up our shenanigans to head to North Carolina.  There, we’ll engage in the type of hijinks not seen since the trip to Florida in 2016, which has been scrubbed from all public record at great expense.  Ok, I kid.  We’re going to have a good time and if you’ve never heard of Heritage Life Skills, you should take a peek at what’s going on there. It’s put on by Carolina Readiness Supply and has a ton of classes and vendors.

I’ll be there with the Dirty Dozen Post Apoc Authors, as well as others in the genre.  I think the authors are also planned to speak Saturday night starting at 7 pm if you miss us at our booth.  Hope to see you all there!

Great Video by Chris Fox –

I just wanted to share this video from my buddy Chris Fox. For a second there, I thought he was talking directly to me, with this video.  We (creative types) all go through it to some degree.  I love his idea about setting a schedule.  That’s what I’m going to get right on top off come Monday morning!

November 2017

I know I’m late on this post, I know, I know! This year I’m thankful for all of you.  I’ve done some experimenting this year, from a Mad Max style dystopian to an urban fantasy and a genre-bending prepper romance in One Man’s Opus.  You’ve stuck with me while I’ve done all sorts of things not quite hard core prepping / TSHTF reading related.  I’m getting back into that, but I needed some time away from it a little bit to process ending The World Burns Series.

There is good news… I wrote a new series opener for Permuted Press called “Outside The Fire” that’s going to hit shelves soon.  That one is about an economic collapse.  I’ve got another one that’s about a reluctant prepper who learns survival skills with on an island in Florida that I’m calling Deadman’s Cay. That one’s a survivial/preparedness situation with some sea adventure for flavoring.  I held off on writing it because as I was researching and planning it out, the actual hurricanes came through the gulf, hitting Texas and Florida.  I changed the storyline up and am about halfway done with it.  I’ve also started on a story that’s near and dear to my heart about a prepper who helps his grandpa run his family still to make ends meet.  That one I’m calling “Still Surviving” and should have a lot of books in that series if my planning is correct.

And… because of overwhelming fan requests, there’s going to be a third Opus book.  It might be the last, but who knows… there might be puppies involved!  Happy belated Thanksgiving everybody!

Youtube for research?

Sometimes, I have to go to Youtube for research purposes.  I’ve been following deermeatfordinner for a while now. None of these guys appear to be in a survival situation, but I often dream about survival scenarios.  It’s a bad habit to get into, but it helps me to sell books… so I dream how much easier life would be if I didn’t have to worry about freezing to death.  Living in Michigan, I often find myself dreaming about living someplace warmer.

Saying that, I first found this youtube channel when trying to learn about crabbing when I was writing Rebel Radio.  I mean, what does a guy who’d barely been near a body of salt water know about crabbing? It was time to research!  I won’t bore you to death on my research methods, but this particular video reminded me of something I read in the Going Home series, by A. American.

There is a lot that this Youtube star does that has given me ideas.  Sometime this fall, maybe even in the winter, I’m going to be writing a survival story that involves a hurricane, martial law, civil unrest and a long, difficult path to survival.  Not that I have ever personally done what I’m about to write about… but I’ve seen it done.  It’s almost like staying at a Holiday Inn, right?


Writers are not in competition with each other!

So… Why so competitive?

Sometimes in my old blog and in this new one, I’m going to talk and write about topics that might be more writer or reader related… and sometimes both at once.  Maybe this is one of those topics… Who knows?!

So on competition- I see this a lot between traditionally published authors (trad pub) and self published authors (indie, small press of 1 etc.) and there is a lot of animosity and overall butt hurt being flung about lately.  I have a secret to share with people… There is no competition, so be kind to each other! Our readers don’t care about author drama, in fact they kinda hate it.  (I think).

No matter how fast I write (and I’m told I can write pretty quickly) it’s never fast enough.  What takes me a month to draft and another 2-3 weeks of running it through my team’s processes takes a reader six to eight hours at tops, to consume it.  They are hungry for more!  Now, there are things writers can do to make publishing go quicker, smoother. Like having a couple of editors ready to do first pass, then someone available for second pass… a proofer on standby and then a cover designer ready to make their magnum opus yours. Beta readers inserted to where you need them in your process… you know what I mean right? This still isn’t fast enough for everybody.

Despite all of that… We can’t clone ourselves (though AI’s are coming close to writing books all on their own).  So why view this as competition? It’s insane.  Find other authors in your genre.  Make contacts, become friends.  If you like their books, share their books.  Sometimes your readers will become their readers.  Sometimes their readers will go.. hm… he writes those kind of books too, let me check them out… and sometimes the community as a whole gains cohesiveness that’s needed… because lets be honest with ourselves here; writing is a lonely and solitary job.  I found this out by mistake, and now my readers are a blend of ones I cultivated and ones that other authors shared my books with and vice a versa.

I’ve heard from my readers that word of mouth is still the best way they hear about new books.  I still think that the mailing list is the most potent tool in an author’s toolkit, but that’s because that’s something the author can control. Remember, this isn’t a competition! It’s supposed to be fun and entertaining!

Getting Away

Once in a while, I have to get away.  No, it isn’t the endless travel or conferences, but to get away from the hustle and bustle.  Modern life is just too darned fast, and sometimes and I feel like I’m stuck in second gear, unable to shift.  When I get like that, it’s often time for me to do something a little different.  Sometimes I change where I write, like going to the coffee shop, the park and when it’s bad enough… I know it’s time to unplug.

This year, we headed up north to the family compound (I call it the bugout), where I parked War Wagon and plugged in and got things set up.  My wife and two spawn of … err… well, mine (Can’t blame the Devil)… Were there, shortly afterwords, only a couple hours behind. Oh boy, was I excited.  I set up the canopy once the inside was set, and then put up my outdoor table and set up the outdoor kitchen.  In a true badassed, unplugged, style of life, I then set up my electronics.  ::snickers:: Yes, I brought up a TV, a game system and on top of a couple different kindle readers, a ton of card and board games.  See, upstate, the weather is quite cooler.  Our average high temp for the day up there was in the 70’s. The day I got back to the Flint area, it was in the high 80’s.

So… Much like I wrote about in One Man’s Opus, I sleep like crap.  I wake up at 4:00 ish and quite often, I’d sneak out of bed and get my laptop out to write.  There were days this varied, depending on when I went to bed, but I’d often just sit in front of the fire, wearing a sweater and sweat pants over my shorts and watch the sun come up as I typed away.  The days it rained, I squeezed into the little fold up table all motorhomes seem to have. (Side note: Don’t they make those tables for big guys?) While I was gone, I got a ton done, yet I avoided burnout.  I hadn’t fully unplugged and gone all Rambo, but I unplugged from the fast pace, the hustle and bustle.  I was surrounded by family and always a phone call away.

I think there was probably a few games of Uno, Phase 10, and War played, and for a while, my kiddos had cousins up to play with too!  Sadly though, it was time to come back.  I always worried that once I came back would I lose the magic? I know that answer is NO! Still, I think it’s part of me that always doubts myself. I needed the break, a true change of scenery. I got it in, and I avoided burnout.  I feel refreshed, in my little shriveled, introverted soul.  This year was a lot of firsts for me, so getting away was what I needed to recharge my batteries.

Soon, I’ll have a modern Western/Romance title coming, I finished an Urban Fantasy story (A prepper mage who can see the future), and am working on a sequel to One Man’s Opus, which might include some of my real life, spring adventures while road tripping across the country… And how I got my very first speeding ticket. Now that I’m recharged, expect a flurry of books!